Friday, September 25, 2009

Too bad your daddy's not a doctor.

Looks like we disappeared for the summer...actually we were just so busy that I stopped writing to make time for chauffering to sporting events, starting up a new business (and trying to keep up with work demands of the Big Guy) and keeping all of you busy enough that you didn't cause serious harm to each other. I think I was fairly successful, although too tide up to comment about it. 

The last week has brought a bit of fear and adrenaline to my poor old heart. Tuesday night the Boo was playing football...learning to take down all the big dudes when he was thrown down by someone who didn't like the skinny one getting in his way. Seeing the red white and blue laid out on the field I just knew...I felt it in my bones...and then I saw the arm raise up and it confirmed in my mind that it was Boodle. You came out, rested with the medic and looked like you needed to stay off the field...but wait...I thought for sure I heard daddy calling you from the line, but was sure that he wouldn't be doing that...but you grabbed your helmet and ran (a bit off kilter if you ask me) to your position. I wanted to call you back, but by then you were on the ground again and then hauled out of the game for the night with a mild concussion. It lasted close to 48 hours and inside my heart I never wanted to let you leave the house again. You had other plans...back on the field, knocking down the big guys and getting more aggressive by the moment. 

Fast forward to the next Thursday (last night). I was sitting in a meeting with the new OIS principal and see that Migli's soccer coach has called...I knew that couldn't be good. Sure enough Migs had gone down on the soccer field, twisted her knee and had to be carried off the field. Coach N had to run to the football field to get daddy cuz neither of us were answering our phones. Dear old dad...always in ripe form...drove his truck right down on the field to pick you up! Today you are on crutches and we will probably have to reschedule basketball tryouts for you, cancel your soccer games and find a fill in for babysitting (or have a few extra kids here tomorrow night!). Bummer on the timing...but hoping for a quick recovery.

And not one to be left out...Ju Ju came home with a big bubble on his top lip! all honesty it may have been "growing" for a long time. It started out looking like a bitty bump or bite, but not very noticeable. Last night it was way beyond noticeable. We slaved it, hot packed it and finally poked it. Yep, you can call me Dr. Abbott (even though Donie was always hoping I'd be called Mrs. Dr. Abbott). We thought social services might turn up from all the screaming, but we finally talked you into it and even though you didn't want to admit did feel better and you actually liked trying to get stuff out of it (eewww). You came to me this morning all proud with a white thing on the end of your finger...eeww again....this time with no tears and a lip that looked a whole lot better.

I am hoping for a healing weekend with no more surprise's to staying safe!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Carillon Beach.

We had such a great time in Florida. You guys were amazing on the trip down and back (even the crabs did well)!  We are so lucky to have such happy and well behaved kids. How many people commented on what great kids you are and how nice it is to be around you?? Pretty much every where we's been that way since you were born. I could take credit here and say it's because I am such a great mom...but really you are all great kids who care about others and want to have fun. It was fun having Gramma with us and she enjoyed all of you immensely (she didn't even mind the noise or the occasional fight...see you're not perfect). Thank you for indulging me and cruising around looking for the elusive dolphins...what a fun day (the geo-caching was a bonus). Grammer and Great were so excited to see you and had such fun playing games with you and taking you for ice cream...we will all cherish those memories. 

Monday, March 9, 2009

Uncovering the Sugar.

Sure you look all cute snuggled up with the furry cat (although he looks a bit possessed), but that was moments before you started bouncing off the couch. No really, you run in circles around the living room and kitchen and well, the whole house and if there happens to be a couch, table or chair...some times even a just have to take that route-up on couch, bounce bouncing to the end and huge jump off, circle around for another go, over to the chair, roll over the top, flip off and on the go again. So some times it takes me by surprise when you say things that are so sweet they bring a tear to my eye. Today you needed to make notes for your weekend news at school and I thought for sure you would only think to write about Daddy's birthday yesterday when we went Geocaching. Instead you told me you would write about that, but when you were laying in bed thinking about it, you wanted to write about how you got to spend all day Friday at Donies and then got to have dinner with Gramma-you felt so lucky to have seen two Grandmas in one day. And when we were talking about our spring break trip to Florida, you couldn't understand why everyone was so excited for the beach and the pools, you said you just wanted to be there to spend time inside with Grammer and Great. Tough exterior...sugar sweet inside!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

OK, Who did it?

I spent an hour this morning searching for the fat Jaspy cat. I looked outside, in the garage, in the basement...I started the shower (which always brings him around), and I pleaded with the little calico to, "Pleeeeaaase, tell me where your brother is." Little did I know, she was trying to show me. She cried by the window (and tears welled in my eyes as I thought Jasp had gotten left out over night) and leaped into my arms when I thought I heard her brother meow. When I finally figured out she was acting crazy, I took a better look...she was ready to pounce on something. Something white and furry sticking out of the ottoman. Yep, someone closed him in there to "keep him safe" (and from being accosted by another Wild One for use as a bed time companion) while preparing for bed. That same someone forgot that he had hidden Jaspy for safe keeping...snuggled in with the girl kitty, slept soundly all night, got up and went to school. Opps. All is well and when I got home today Darby was all snuggled up in the ottoman...which I had accidently left open.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Take a Break...You Deserve It.

You guys have all been working so hard. Between Academy Awards, book reports, challenge packets and keeping up with your regular homework we haven't been within a mile of your scheduled bedtime. I am proud of all you have accomplished and the fact that you have done such a great job...without too much hassle from the old farts in the family. Spring break is only 3 weeks away...I can't wait to dig in the sand and splash in the water with you. We all deserve a break and what better place than Florida?!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Good Life without You?

What can I say..."I love when you make messes that I trip on in the dark"..."Please say really mean things to your brother...and keep saying them over and over until he cries or turns into the tiny Incredible Hulk"..."Do you think you could pee all over the toilet, floor and wall so that I have something to clean while you are at school today?"..."Would you mind hitting your sister so that I could get a little entertainment out of you trying to kill each other?"  Hmmm...I will think about it. Thought about it...nope, doesn't work. But here is the funny thing...even when I ask you NOT to do these things or God forbid ask you to fix the problem when you do one of these things...hold on this is good...wait...I STILL LOVE YOU, I STILL LIKE YOU, I STILL WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU, SNUGGLE WITH YOU AND WILL ALWAYS BEG FOR HUGS! OK, just had to get that off my chest. I will always feel this way...and when you grow up and have babies I will sit back and try not to smirk when you try to get this same point across to them.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Why are your memories so subjective? They don't see to work at certain times of the day, but are stellar at other times during the day. You don't remember to finish (or start) your homework, flush the toilet, turn off the lights, put your dishes in the dishwasher or throw your clothes down. But what amazes me is how sharp your memory is 3 minutes before we have to walk out the door. In a burst of clarity you remember that you need lunch money, it's library day, you need a swim suit for gym, a poster board for a project, a treat for your class. Funny how that works. You remember all the details of the adult story I told my friend...while you were supposed to be playing in the basement and you seem to retain all the information from family vacations that I don't even remember taking, but you don't remember that I asked you to have your room clean by the end of the weekend or that you were grounded from electronics for two days. I guess I should count my blessings that you never, ever forget to give me hugs and tell me that you love me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It is Tuesday morning and everyone is back in school...Daddo has left for work and even the kitties are at the vet having a little snip, snip sur..ger..eeee. The house is quiet, the sun is shining and Mombo has a smile on her face. Four hours to get my stuff done with no little hands leaving finger prints all over everything...just in time for you to all coming running in from the bus, leaving a trail of clothing, crumbs and papers. "They" tell me that someday I will miss all the chaos, clutter and noise...and as much as I hate to admit it, I know they are right.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wild Week.

I'm not even sure where to begin...piles and piles of Valentines (and a bunch of bribes to get you to sign them all); decorations, games, snacks, and crafts for school parties; the boo's birthday complete with gifts, movies, dinner and homemade ice cream cake; 4th grade field trip to the Art Institute; 6th grade science field trip to the MOA theme park; a night at home while Daddo and Mombo tried to have dinner and see a show; Thursday night sleepovers for all with bowling, hockey and dinner out; Paulina's Valentine Party (with boys!); dinner with the Honey's; more sleepovers here and then all day playdates today...and hopefully a little homework. Back to school tomorrow for another 4 day week. I think you may actually have a full week after that, but watch out Spring Break is almost here! I am almost looking forward to getting up at 6 tomorrow just to see the tail lights on the big yellow school bus.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's My Turn.

I'd like to thank the academy...I mean the Wild Ones. Actually I take full credit myself. I have been inundated with vomit, sneezes, coughing, sore throats and germ filled kisses and it never once crossed my mind to pop a million Immuniboost pills. I talk about them, I warn others and I swear by them, but this time I just plain forgot. My consequences...sore neck, droopy eyes, aching head and sneezes that threaten the stability of the old oak in the back yard. What I need is a few days of rest...what I get are two days on big orange school buses surrounded by screaming 4th and 6th graders and the responsibility of guiding the 4th graders through the Minneapolis Art Institute and herding 11 hormone filled 6th graders at the Mall of America theme the ruse of a science field trip. Maybe the horror filled roller coaster will clear some of the phlegm from my lungs. As they say...we reap what we sow.  OH GOODY...another one just threw up.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Head is Spinning.

It was just 4 o'clock on Friday. The house was clean and quiet...Boo Boo and Jooge were with friends. Then there were classes, the Fun Fest, yummy dinners, Valentine making, Valentine party prepping and baths for school on Monday. Now the house is unrecognizable...and no one is here to help! Dishes, clothes, toys...oh my. I hope you don't have a lot of homework tonight...or big plans to play your electronics cuz my list is long, long, long. I am always excited to see you when you get off the bus...but today will be especially nice...6 more hands to help rescue this house from the natural disaster we call "The Weekend."

Friday, February 6, 2009

When Will I Learn?

I should have known to keep my mouth shut. Not that I'm superstitious or anything...but just when I thought it was safe to make plans to meet a friend for lunch...another sick Wild One. I'll change my plans, put on some sweats and prepare for a day filled with lego's, cartoons and snuggles on the couch...I guess that's not so bad afterall.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I probably shouldn't speak too soon as there is one day left in the week, but so far 4 for 4 days with all of you back at school (of course I have been up there three times already dropping off forgotten items). And two awards this week to boot! JuJu was recognized (even tho' he denies it...whatever) for showing the pillar of "Citizenship"...cooperating with others, obeying rules, making the school better, and believing everyone at school is part of the same school family. Way to go little dude...maybe it's good that you didn't even know you were doing anything special...what a great way to live your life! The award for "Pursuing Excellence" was bestowed upon Migli (and she had no problem accepting that one) by all of her 6th grade teachers. It is nice (for her and for us) to see that her teachers notice her hard work and if two quarters in a row on the "A" honor roll weren't evidence enough. I have always had faith in you are one smart, motivated girlie. Boodle, where is your paper proclaiming your greatness? If we could just get Mr. A to wipe off his glasses or stop snoozing in class long enough to write you up I could rearrange all the stuff on the fridge and make a little room for you too! As I recall you were the first the first week of be be called to the principal's office for showing outstanding even got a free lunch. Boy your mom must be so proud...oh wait, that's me...and the pride is sweating from my pores!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


You guys are a riot...and no, when it is 15 below windchill I will NOT pick you up at the bus stop on the snowmobile! I prefer the toasty buns I get in my dirty little Nissan. However, it is fun to sit in the kitchen with my hands wrapped around a mug of hot tea and watch you fling each other around on the sled that is tied to the back of the "sled". I can almost hear your laughter as one of you goes flipping backwards, another one tries to catch that one and you both go over...all while the driver is still going full boar ahead not even realizing that she has lost both passengers. The best is when you come in, cheeks all rosy and laughing and talking so fast that you can barely breath. You are all so excited to tell me what happened and how fun it was. I just sit back (with my warm hands) and let you warm my heart with all of your jumbled words and eyes that are lit up and shining like the northern lights.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Long Weekend.

It feels like the weekend started on Thursday cuz Daddo left for Aspen (without us!!) and when he is gone all bets are off. We put our jammies on early, we eat crazy stuff for dinner (who cares if it's totally balanced...Ice Cream is fine for dinner...once in a while) and snuggle in for too much time on the couch. We bring books, games computers and the remote control. We sleep in, lounge in our jammies, eat more ice cream, invite friends, forget about homework and put off the clean up. It's been five days of hibernation (minus a birthday party and some volunteer work) and maybe, just maybe we will be ready for school tomorrow...Not a chance. Cross you fingers and hope for a blizzard...I could use one more day on the couch with my favorite Wee Ones.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two for One...No Pictures Today.

Maybe that should be a one for two. One post, two blogs...too tired to create today. It's like the unwanted guest that won't ever leave. Just when you think it's it comes again. I'm talking about a virus, a nasty virus that takes you down the midddle of the night no less. JuJu Bee is down and out and I the ever encouraging , loving mother kept promising him that he would be better by bed time...yesterday...after all, the worst of it only kept Migli down for about 15 hours. Not so with Wee...after 18 hours of misery, he passed out at 9:30 (in my bed so I could keep an eye on him and hopefully catch a few winks myself) and I thought we were home safe. Let's just say we got so good at the bucket grab, the mouth swish, the face wash and the bucket scrub that by 4:30...yes am...we were doing it without even turning the lights on. Hey, if you have to do something you might as well do it right.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here we go again.

I I am sure...I was asleep before the lot of you last night (something 'bout an AC/DC concert and limo rides around St Paul the night before). And let's just say it was a good thing. 3:30 sharp I had the Wee Wild One poking me from my slumber. Nothing wakes us faster (or makes Daddo run faster...for the bucket) than threats of vomit in our bed...or on our bodies. Another round of the flu...just four short days past the last one. Lucky for the Boodle I was feeling a little under the weather so that when he asked to have a "day off" I was to tired to say no. Migli got her day yesterday (tummy suddenly feeling better with the offer of lunch in Uptown with dear old daddy...but don't tell the boys...although Boo did notice the bag from Figlio's and I could see the wheels turning). Some days you have to stay home (the school frowns upon vomit and fevers), but some times it's OK to just have a day at home with Mombo...she kind of likes it too!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where are you?

You wonder why I call you all Wild Ones. You have been outside for well over an hour (and I am sitting inside the warm house, in the dark house enjoying a moment of peace and quiet) building forts and pelting each other with perfectly formed snow balls. I am wondering if I should venture out and check on you...perhaps you are frozen mid step with your mouths frozen open in an attempt to call for help. Nah...I see must be fine...I hope.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Wild Ones

Another Long Weekend.

We survived another weekend despite the snow and more vomit. Migli was kind enough to babysit (perhaps because we let her have a friend over), but woke us up at 5:30 (we appreciate you waiting for us to get home...although we did not turn in until after 3:30 so the 5:30 wake up left us a little groggy) to hold her hair back and apply wet cloths. That was pretty much what the two of us did all day as we hid in my bedroom in hopes of limiting the vomit to one. So far so good. But remember, Daddo and I have a concert tonight so if there is any more vomit...we'd appreciate it if you could hold off until midnight.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Boogie Man.

Last night when you were getting ready for bed (which is a 45 minute ordeal...or more) you were acting a little squirrelly so I jumped up and chased you up the spiral stair case and down the hallway making feeble attempts to grab your ankles. When you were finally tucked in bed you realized you had forgotten your book. Of course you wanted me to get it, but I was entangled in a war with JuJu trying to get him under his covers so I sent you out to the kitchen by yourself. You made it about half way when you got spooked and started calling for me to come with you. Being the great mother that I am, I walked out there grabbed something that I needed and left you wasting time in the kitchen. You didn't know it, but I was actually hiding around the corner and when you ran by I jumped out and tried to grab you. All I saw was a blur as you shot down the hall and into Migli's room. As I rounded the corner you were up against the wall in a fit of laughter, screaming at me, "You're just plain evil!" I tried to feel bad, but just couldn't hold in the giggles. Perhaps it is me that is the true boogie man. I gave you extra snuggles just in case...nothing wrong with stacking up a few brownie points.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This One's for You.

I never intended to create a "Mommy Blog," so in writing The Disgruntled Princess I have had to pass on so many events and stories to keep the Wild Ones out of the focus. I have decided that I have many more stories to tell. These are the daily stories of triumph, silliness, tender moments and family that I want to archive for you...My Wild Ones. Continue to be you and I will have an abundance of material to save for you...records that you can use when you finally decide to commit me.