Monday, March 9, 2009

Uncovering the Sugar.

Sure you look all cute snuggled up with the furry cat (although he looks a bit possessed), but that was moments before you started bouncing off the couch. No really, you run in circles around the living room and kitchen and well, the whole house and if there happens to be a couch, table or chair...some times even a just have to take that route-up on couch, bounce bouncing to the end and huge jump off, circle around for another go, over to the chair, roll over the top, flip off and on the go again. So some times it takes me by surprise when you say things that are so sweet they bring a tear to my eye. Today you needed to make notes for your weekend news at school and I thought for sure you would only think to write about Daddy's birthday yesterday when we went Geocaching. Instead you told me you would write about that, but when you were laying in bed thinking about it, you wanted to write about how you got to spend all day Friday at Donies and then got to have dinner with Gramma-you felt so lucky to have seen two Grandmas in one day. And when we were talking about our spring break trip to Florida, you couldn't understand why everyone was so excited for the beach and the pools, you said you just wanted to be there to spend time inside with Grammer and Great. Tough exterior...sugar sweet inside!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

OK, Who did it?

I spent an hour this morning searching for the fat Jaspy cat. I looked outside, in the garage, in the basement...I started the shower (which always brings him around), and I pleaded with the little calico to, "Pleeeeaaase, tell me where your brother is." Little did I know, she was trying to show me. She cried by the window (and tears welled in my eyes as I thought Jasp had gotten left out over night) and leaped into my arms when I thought I heard her brother meow. When I finally figured out she was acting crazy, I took a better look...she was ready to pounce on something. Something white and furry sticking out of the ottoman. Yep, someone closed him in there to "keep him safe" (and from being accosted by another Wild One for use as a bed time companion) while preparing for bed. That same someone forgot that he had hidden Jaspy for safe keeping...snuggled in with the girl kitty, slept soundly all night, got up and went to school. Opps. All is well and when I got home today Darby was all snuggled up in the ottoman...which I had accidently left open.