Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Carillon Beach.

We had such a great time in Florida. You guys were amazing on the trip down and back (even the crabs did well)!  We are so lucky to have such happy and well behaved kids. How many people commented on what great kids you are and how nice it is to be around you?? Pretty much every where we's been that way since you were born. I could take credit here and say it's because I am such a great mom...but really you are all great kids who care about others and want to have fun. It was fun having Gramma with us and she enjoyed all of you immensely (she didn't even mind the noise or the occasional fight...see you're not perfect). Thank you for indulging me and cruising around looking for the elusive dolphins...what a fun day (the geo-caching was a bonus). Grammer and Great were so excited to see you and had such fun playing games with you and taking you for ice cream...we will all cherish those memories. 

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