Friday, February 20, 2009

A Good Life without You?

What can I say..."I love when you make messes that I trip on in the dark"..."Please say really mean things to your brother...and keep saying them over and over until he cries or turns into the tiny Incredible Hulk"..."Do you think you could pee all over the toilet, floor and wall so that I have something to clean while you are at school today?"..."Would you mind hitting your sister so that I could get a little entertainment out of you trying to kill each other?"  Hmmm...I will think about it. Thought about it...nope, doesn't work. But here is the funny thing...even when I ask you NOT to do these things or God forbid ask you to fix the problem when you do one of these things...hold on this is good...wait...I STILL LOVE YOU, I STILL LIKE YOU, I STILL WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU, SNUGGLE WITH YOU AND WILL ALWAYS BEG FOR HUGS! OK, just had to get that off my chest. I will always feel this way...and when you grow up and have babies I will sit back and try not to smirk when you try to get this same point across to them.

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